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The Old Club Island Resort and Yacht Club is THE place to get away from it all.

Surrounded by the pristine, fresh water of the Great Lakes delta known as the St. Clair Flats, members at this exclusive, private club enjoy the simple life: playing, laughing, relaxing. The days are filled with all kinds of activities including boating, fishing, swimming, tennis, golf, dining and of course, making deeper connections with family and friends.

“The friendships I’ve made here span 50 years….real, genuine, smart folks who’ve made my life richer because of them. I can’t imagine what my life would be without The Old Club.”—Pat

To get a better sense of The Old Club, watch this video from our friends at Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales.

“When you’re a member of The Old Club, you’re on vacation all season long!”—S.H., 5 year Member

42.538755 / N 42⁰ 32’ 19.518”

-82.667256 / W 082⁰ 40’ 2.121”

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“I feel so lucky to have The Old Club in our lives. We really connect as a family here and the memories we are making are forming who they’ll be. I’m so grateful.” —Susan T.