Joining the Club

Perhaps the only thing more special than The Old Club’s phenomenal location is the quality of the people who enjoy and share this treasure. The Old Club enables old time values: conversations and interactions that are real, genuine and relaxed. We’re your home away from home and we’re protective of this.

“We go through an extensive application process to make sure it’s a right fit for everyone. We provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere and want to add those who will appreciate our culture and camaraderie.” —Harry V.

The Old Club Membership Application Process


  1. Primary Sponsor (existing Resident, Active or Cruising Member) expresses interest to the General Manager or Membership Chairperson of The Old Club of a  prospective new member.
  2. Membership Application Kit is given to Primary Sponsor and forwarded to applicant. Alternatively, the manager of The Old Club will mail a Membership Application Kit directly to member applicant for completion.
  3. Prospective new member applicant completes and signs Membership Application. Primary and Secondary sponsor (must be Resident, Active or Cruising member) are required to sign Membership Application.
  4. Primary and Secondary Sponsors are required to complete the “Sponsor’s Questionnaire”. Questionnaire is available from member applicant or electronically available from the manager of The Old Club.
  5. Application and Sponsor’s Questionnaire is submitted to the General Manager of The Old Club along with two letters of recommendation from members other than sponsors and/or prospective members.
  6. General Manager of The Old Club schedules a review of the completed application documents, to be conducted at the next meeting of the Board of Directors. Candidate is requested to review the “Club Information and Rules” and “Spirit of The Old Club” document. Signature acknowledgement of the “Spirit of The Old Club” document should be returned to the General Manager of The Old Club.
  7. The applicant and spouse (if applicable) are scheduled for a brief informal meeting with The Old Club Board of Directors (minimum of six Directors required).
  8. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, applicant’s name is posted to the membership for a period of 10 days.
  9. Following the absence of any negative replies,  the candidate is then accepted as a member of The Old Club following receipt of the signed “Spirit” document. Any negative replies will stall the acceptance of the prospective new member and the matter will be referred to the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.
  10. Upon acceptance, a new member is required to complete an orientation to be held on The Old Club grounds during their first season of membership.  The orientation is to include the Membership Chairman and the Commodore or Vice Commodore.  If orientation is not completed during new member’s first summer of membership, the matter will be referred to the Board of Directors.
  11. The new member’s sponsor is responsible for the new member’s adherence to the Spirit of The Old Club for the first year of new member’s involvement in the club and shall help with introductions to the other members of the club.
  12. The new member’s sponsor is responsible for identifying and encouraging the new member’s participation in committees and events.